Fitzroy Sounding Readers Software Books 11-20 (single user)

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Fitzroy Sounding Readers is a powerful literacy aid especially for people who have never learned how to read phonically. It directly shows teachers and students how to SOUND OUT words - using a human voice. The student can sit at the computer and hear the stories, click on any word they are not sure of, and have it SOUNDED OUT for them: unless of course it is a special word - in which case the word is spoken. This software is recommended for students who are slow learners - and also for eager students who wish to race ahead and understand an entire range of sounds, as well as enough special words to be able to read the daily newspaper! The Fitzroy Sounding Readers software offers many useful features, including: - stories read in clear speech with Australian accents; - the ability to hear individual words spoken aloud by clicking on them; - a facility to enable children to write their own versions of the stories, hear them read aloud by the computer; - extensive teacher options, including the ability to create different user-groups, each with their own settings; - comprehensive tracking options, allow the teacher to monitor the progress of a whole group or of each individual; - questions and activities for each book. - It provides a clearly spoken reading of each story, and related activities. READING As with the original Fitzroy Talking Readers software, the main feature of new packages is the Read facility. The computer reads each page of the stories aloud, in a pre-recorded Australian voice, and a moving underline (optionally) highlights each word as it is spoken. This allows children to associate the sound of each word with its printed appearance and its meaning which is what reading is all about! Students can also click on any word to hear it. Importantly, if the student clicks on a phonic word, the computer sounds out the components of the word, as well as the word itself. Hence "sounding" readers. WRITING Children can write their own version of each story, can save it and hear it spoken (using the computer's text-to-speech engine). This facility is aimed more at slightly older children. NEW - QUESTIONS A series of questions accompanies each story. The words, sounds and concepts of each story are reinforced and tested in the Questionssection. NEW - ACTIVITIES Each book has activities that provide practice with sounds, spelling, special words, grammar, word-formation, vocabulary, and comprehension. ENHANCED TEACHER FACILITIES Teachers can arrange students in different user-groups, each with its own settings, and can easily inspect the progress of either an entire group or of an individual student. These reports show which questions and activities each student has completed, thus giving a good measure of their progress and understanding. (GGFSRS1120SING)

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