Excellent service - goods arrived yesterday.  Richard B. 

A quick note to say how impressed I am by the quick turnaround on my order.  I placed an order for software with you on Thursday afternoon and it arrived on my doorstep 8.30am the next day!  I had the software installed and commenced using within 24 hours!  Well Done!  Jenny R.

Thanks for your great service and delivery.  Top job!  Will recommend you to others.  Roger K.

The delivery came the very next day after I ordered it, I'm amazed it got here so fast!!!  Thanks!!  Chris M. 

I just received delivery of my software thanks.  Thank you very much for the extremely fast turn-around, I'm very impressed.  Vivienne K.

My order has arrived.  Thanks for the good service.  Zac J.
What great service, less than 24 hours from Sydney to the Gold Coast, look forward to dealing with you again in the future.  I have no hesitation in recommending your company to my friends.  Keep up the great work.  Georgia C. 

Software received today.  Thank you for the extremely prompt service.  Very Happy.  Vanessa M. 

I have just recently ordered and received software from Student Discounts, and I would like to comment on your service.  I thank you very much for your refreshing and unique service (I say unique, because the way you do it doesn't happen often enough).  Your people answering the phone and taking the orders are friendly and polite and very efficient, and your delivery arrangements and delivery time is excellent.  The price for postage for the service given is excellent.  I can't thank you enough for the way that you handled my purchased, my son has not long ago started a Tech course and was behind the eight ball because he didn't have the software.  We were in a bind because he has the perfect chance to catch up on his work during the holidays, but couldn't find anywhere in Canberra to get the software he needed.  Thanks to you, he is now able to get on top of his work, and will probably now go ahead in leaps and bounds.  Thank you again, I will keep your details and I will refer you whenever possible.  Ros W. 

Thanks it was a very speedy service...arrived at nine o'clock this morning!! Thanks.  Annie J. 

I'm just sending a message to say Thanks for getting the software to me REAL quick.  I received it today and am up and running.  Thanks very much. Steve W. 

Thank you for prompt service and delivery.  Arrived this morning.  Ini C. 

I received the software package this morning all in good nick.  Outstanding service!  Thank you.  Christine C. 

Wonderful service - good on you.  Rod G. 

Thanks, order was received this morning.  Great service.  Leanne P.